Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Reindeer Pizza

Reindeer pizza? No, the real thing is not exactly as cute as this one.

Reindeer pizza is a specialty from Norway and Finland and is exactly what it sounds like. The European countries use smoked reindeer as a pizza topping that is considered a delicacy. Along with what we consider normal toppings, such as cheese and pepperoni, the reindeer topping is added to a pizza. These European countries also make reindeer sausage and I can only imagine what other recipes involve reindeer. Funny how most associate reindeer with the winter, Christmas time, or Santa, the animal is actually enjoyed by many diners. There is even a large pizza chain in Finland called Kotipizza that serves the pizza and is so popular among diners that their reindeer pizza, also called Pizza Berlusconi, won an international pizza competition. It is very interesting to see unusual ingredients added to a food that is very traditional and popular in America. So I guess sardines aren't the strangest pizza topping that I've heard of.